Family Education Sessions | Parent Alert | August 2021

Parent Alert | August 2021
Family Education Sessions:
Wayne County Supports Prevention & Recovery


If you ever wonder how to get more involved in your community, or if you can make a bigger difference in the lives of young people, here's your chance! There are 3 upcoming events (starting tonight!) that will provide you with answers to these questions.Don't miss these free opportunities to get some new tools for your toolbelt, whether you're a mental health professional, a teacher, a businessperson, a parent, or a student.

The Neurobiology of Addiction

Know someone who struggles with substance use, or are you simply interested in the subject?

Join us tonight at Wooster High School for Dr. Labor's famous talk on the neurobiology of addiction! You will learn the biological reasons for why people with substance use disorders behave the way they do and what hope there is for their recovery.

Virtual Event on Addiction Recovery Resources

Learn more about recovery resources from the comfort of your own home! Save the date for September 15, and watch over the next few days for details.

Families Talk
Come to Wayne College at 6 p.m. on September 30th for refreshments and a panel discussion about youth asset building in our community. We will discuss specific substance use issues our youth are dealing with as well as some positive efforts our community offers!

This event will focus on the importance of families and communities coming together to create a safe, healthy, supportive environment for the next generation.

Come to Turning Point Coalition's Tailgate Party
Friday, September 17
This event is a good reminder about the importance of spending quality time with your kids doing activities like reading aloud, making crafts, encouraging involvement in school activities, and cheering them on. Building positive assets like family connectedness helps prevent risky behaviors (for example, illegal activity, skipping school, or using substances).

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