Orrville’s First Kindness Campaign | Parent Alert | December 2021

Orrville's First Kindness Campaign

Hosted by Turning Point Coalition and RAPA
January 3–February 4


Turning Point Coalition will be kicking off 2022 with a Kindness Campaign assisted by our Youth Coalition, RAPA (Riders Are Peer Advocates). This initiative will help showcase the positive community norms happening in Orrville, and we want to give our young people the opportunity to be kind and see kindness all around them.During January and early February, students and staff will have the opportunity to track acts of kindness done by Orrville Elementary, Middle, and High School students. Those in the Elementary School will be doing so on paper hearts in their classrooms. The Middle and High Schools will be using a Google Forms link.



During the campaign, RAPA will be helping collect and count the acts of kindness as well as distribute weekly incentives to those participating. They have also worked on a way to display in the cafeterias how many acts of kindness each grade has done from week to week. Each student body will receive a grand Act of Kindness gift from Turning Point Coalition after the campaign.We would also like to thank Dr. Tim Vierheller and the STEM group for creating a way to publicly display how many acts of kindness each school has done. Keep an eye out for pictures on Facebook as the campaign gets underway!

The flyers below are being distributed to all Orrville students and parents on January 3rd:




We encourage all community members to get involved in tracking acts of kindness done by any Orrville residents. We are offering free signs (see below) for businesses and nonprofits to put up in their windows as a way to support this campaign. If you work at a business or nonprofit on Main Street, expect to see Turning Point Coalition members stopping by in early January to offer you signs. Otherwise, please reach out to us on Facebook or at coalitionscommunication@gmail.com and we will bring you one!




Did you know that being kind positively affects the
health of you and others?