The TPC Story – Turning Point Times (May 2020)

The TPC Story
Turning Point Coalition (TPC) was launched in 2004 by a group of concerned citizens working to help create a community environment where youth strive to be alcohol, tobacco, and drug free. Sixteen years later, the Coalition continues its mission with education, information, and advocacy.
Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign
Each year, we re-launch our Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign, reminding parents of graduating Seniors about the dangers of hosting parties that serve alcohol to underage youth. This year, however, with the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re taking a slightly different approach.
Instead of focusing on the legal implications of underage alcohol use like we usually do, we’re distributing information about the effects it has on a developing brain.
Below you’ll see a couple photos of the brochure we’re sending out to the parents of High School Juniors and Seniors.
The main point we want to get across to the parents in our community is that drinking is an even greater risk for their teen than it is for them, and there are creative ways to celebrate graduation that do not involve alcohol.
In addition to these brochures, you may see Parents Who Host Lose the Most signs around Orrville and an article in the OrrViews paper. We are doing everything we can as a Coalition to keep our community healthy, happy, and safe!
If you would like an electronic copy of this brochure to distribute to others, please email Kristie Skaggs at
How is Covid-19 affecting people with substance use disorders?
Everyone agrees that the last few months have been extremely difficult. In the face of so much uncertainty, it’s important to make extra time for self-care. However, resorting to substances as a coping mechanism can be incredibly dangerous, particularly for those with a history of substance use disorders.
Media outlets like “Wine with DeWine” or SNL’s recent clip “Let Kids Drink” might seem harmless or all in good fun, but these ideas may be extremely triggering to the loved one in your life who is or has been fighting an addiction, and they may lead young people to forget about the consequences of misusing alcohol.
Loneliness, boredom, and stress
Isolation gives people too much time to sit around and think, which can often lead to a downward spiral into depression and anxiety, particularly for those with an active disorder or who are in recovery. Statisticsare showing a rise in alcohol and other drug use during Covid-19, particularly among youth. Limited access to professional help and fewer opportunities for connection and exercise can lead a person to resort to old tactics for dealing with these uncomfortable emotions.
Mental illness
Since mental illness and substance misuse are often co-occurring disorders, added stress from a pandemic may intensify the symptoms of both. In an effort to combat their worsening mental health symptoms, some people resort to alcohol and other drugs.
Health consequences and risks
False claims
It’s important for everyone to maintain caution when reading anything on the Internet, particularly surrounding this pandemic. Do not believe everything you read about Covid-19 “cures.” For help in this regard, take a look at our Parent Alert from April.
Low tolerance
According to research, not only will misusing substances worsen mental health symptoms, but it could also make Covid-19 symptoms more dangerous for the individual. This risk is especially serious for those who smoke, vape, or use opioids or methamphetamine. (For more details, see this article.)
Lack of access to emergency help
Naloxone is a drug administered to someone who overdoses, and it has saved many lives. However, for those who live alone or with only young children, no one is around to give them Naloxone in a life-threatening situation.
Recovery housing
It may come as no surprise that people who live in recovery housing are experiencing added difficulties during this time. What you may not know, though, is that many of them are losing their jobs. For more details, click here.
How you can help
Deterra pouches are an easy and effective way to dispose of your unused prescription medications. The majority of teens who misuse substances began by using a family member’s medication. You can also dispose your medications free of charge at these drop-off locations.
Online resources are a great avenue for help during the stay-at-home order. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance misuse, you can direct them to:
Education and prevention are what Turning Point Coalition is all about. By getting ahead of potential substance issues before they become problems, we save lives, heartache, and money, leading to a healthier, more stable community. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:
Riders Are Peer Advocates (RAPA), Orrville’s Teen Institute, has continued to stay active with community outreach while still maintaining proper distancing.
Before the stay-at-home order, RAPA students were giving vaping prevention presentations in classrooms. While adults certainly have a large influence on young people’s choices, sometimes it can be even more powerful for teens to hear their own peers warning them about the dangers of substances.
Additionally, RAPA (with permission) is placing stickers on cases of beer in local stores as a part of the Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign, reminding purchasers to drink responsibly and not to share alcohol with youth.
Teens interested in joining RAPA, the leadership group focused on preventing youth substance use, can contact Sharon Nelson at
Spotlight: Serpentini WELL Building Initiative
Serpentini Chevrolet Buick of Orrville has provided funding for Orrville’s Kindergarten through 12th grade to participate in the WELL Building Initiative this upcoming school year and beyond. WELL examines all aspects of working and learning environments to ensure safety and cleanliness.
We’re grateful for Serpentini’s generous support as we move forward in creating an even better community environment for the next generation.
For more information, see this press release.
Lunch Craft
Turning Point Coalition is providing occasional crafts for students who receive school lunches during the stay-at-home order. We recognize how difficult a time this is for students and parents, and they have been extremely grateful for the fun items we’ve sent home with them!
If you have craft ideas for student lunches, please contact Nonya Wenger at
Thank you for being a vital part of our community!