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Advocacy Day

National Advocacy Day is scheduled for April 5th, 2022. Youth Leaders, Coalitions, and prevention advocates will be joining together to share the importance of prevention with politicians and lawmakers.

Using your voice to advocate for what you believe in can create a better, safer, and healthier environment for everyone. Whether it is sending an email, mailing a letter, or attending Advocacy Day, you are doing your part as an advocate in your community.

As prevention advocates, it is our role to help lawmakers understand our cause. Making better outcomes for all Ohioans happens when we work together to improve prevention efforts within our communities. Consider being a part of this year's Advocacy Day!

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Latest News

Orrville's First Kindness Campaign

On the first day of the campaign, we distributed "be kind" water bottles to all Orrville Elementary, Middle, and High School students and "be kind" travel mugs to all school staff!

During the campaign, RAPA helped collect and count the acts of kindness as well as distribute weekly incentives to those participating. Dr. Vierheller and the STEM group helped create and maintain acts of kindness tracking boards for each school. Each student body will receive a grand Act of Kindness gift from Turning Point Coalition after the campaign.

The Mayor issued a city-wide proclamation about our kindness campaign, which was read at a recent City Council meeting! (Proclamation is included below.) Businesses also got involved by recording acts of kindness and putting up signs in their windows.

We have been recognized by several national news stations for this unique community effort. It has been wonderful to see our youth get excited about this event. Their engagement was infectious, and Orrville recorded 444 acts of kindness in just a few weeks! We trust that even though this campaign has ended, we will all continue to spread kindness throughout this amazing city.

A proclamation from The White House on Substance Use Prevention

"Far too many families across our Nation have been impacted by addiction and the overdose epidemic.  In 2020, more than 93,000 people died from an overdose — 93,000 families forced to bury a piece of their souls.  The impact of this crisis echoes in communities across the Nation, in the empty chairs in classrooms and around kitchen tables.  During National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month, we reaffirm our commitment to helping America’s youth overcome this epidemic and lead healthy, fulfilling lives."


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Rotating Meeting Times

All Turning Point Coalition meetings are:

When: The second Friday of the month
Rotated times to accommodate all schedules

Where:  Orrville High School Board of Ed and Zoom

Upcoming meetings:
Friday, March 11 @ 8:30 AM
Friday, April 8 @ Noon
Friday, May 13 @ 8:30 AM

To receive the Zoom link, message us on Facebook or email

Community Speakers at Meetings

September: Orrville's Chief of Police Matt Birkbeck discussed their efforts to work with youth instead of putting them straight into the system.

October: OHS Principal Tim Adams spoke about how much he appreciates Turning Point Coalition; the recent reduction of vaping in the school, and the difficulties they have had to overcome during Covid.

November: Sharon, our youth chair, spoke about our youth Coalition, RAPA. We have 15-17 youth in regular attendance at RAPA meetings. Most of them are very engaged, and  the group has done several events over the school year.

December: Josh Hunt of Medway DEA spoke about the current drug trends in Orrville and some new technology that saves hours of employee time by filtering through "dead" footage.

January: Drew S., a recovery coach at OneEighty, spoke about the importance of providing peer support for those in recovery.

February: Yuta Nitanai, Diversity Outreach Coordinator at OneEighty, spoke on diversity, equity, and inclusion.