Parent Alert June 2022

Parent Alert | June 2022


The school year is over, and summer is just around the corner. Kids are excited about their well-deserved break, and while you might be just as excited, you’re probably thinking about how to keep them occupied over the next few months.

Teens are often struggling to assert their independence, so it’s tempting to just let them figure out how to entertain themselves. And that can be good for everyone, to an extent. But too much relaxing downtime can turn into boredom, and boredom can lead to some risky behaviors in teens.

Fortunately, there are many ways for teens to stay occupied that foster their independence and build assets:

Giving back to the community helps youth gain valuable job skills and gives them a more compassionate lens for viewing the world. Teens can check with local organizations for volunteering opportunities.
Learn a new skill
Encourage your teen to find a summer class for a skill they’re interested in having. Community centers and colleges usually provide summer intro courses for arts and hobbies, and many are free or low-cost (be sure to check for scholarships or discounts).
Stay active
Plan a family activity such as hiking or swimming with your teen. Let them take the lead with the fun parts (choosing the activity, picking a location), and have them help you with the practical stuff (packing food, water, sunscreen, etc.).
For more information on summer activities for youth (and why they’re important!), check out these links:

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Local summer fun:

Boys and Girls Club of Wooster
Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club
Orrville Public Library
Wayne Center for the Arts
Wayne County Public Library
YMCA of Wayne County
Or visit your city’s official website for information on youth recreation

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