Turning Point Coalition | Parent Alert | January 2022

Kindness Campaign Updates!

January 2022 Parent Alert

Orrville’s Kindness Campaign is underway! Turning Point Coalition, assisted by their Youth Coalition, RAPA (Riders Are Peer Advocates), is in its 4th week of this 5-week initiative.

During January and early February, Orrville students, staff, businesses, and residents are tracking acts of kindness done around the community. We encourage all community members to get involved in this campaign before the last day on February 4th. Use the QR code below or find the form on our website.



On the first day of the campaign, we distributed "be kind" water bottles to all OES, OMS, and OHS students and "be kind" travel mugs to all OES, OMS, and OHS staff!During the campaign, RAPA has been helping collect and count the acts of kindness as well as distribute weekly incentives to those participating. Each student body will receive a grand Act of Kindness gift from Turning Point Coalition after the campaign.

The Mayor issued a city-wide proclamation about our kindness campaign, which was read at a recent City Council meeting! You can read it below:



We have been recognized by several national news stations for this unique community effort. It has been wonderful to see our youth get excited about this event. Their engagement is infectious, and we trust that even after this campaign ends, we will all continue to spread kindness throughout this amazing city.